The Daily Boost 3-Pack

Support your immune system by making healthy lifestyle choices. The Daily Boost 3-Pack includes 1 (one of each) Caffeine Sunburst Orange, Vitamin B12 Super Fruit and Melatonin Lavender Dream.

When you wake up...

Sunburst Orange

Rise and shine. Crush your morning routine and enjoy the convenience of energy in your pocket.

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During your lunch break...

Vitamin B12
Super Fruit

Smoke breaks begone. Enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up with a punch of essential Vitamin B12.

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When it's bedtime...

Lavender Dream

Sleep on demand. Rest easy with the fastest, most-effective Melatonin ever.

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The Daily Boost 3-Pack

Set the tone for tomorrow.

From sunrise to sunset, live well-balanced today for well-being tomorrow.

Daily Boost

Made with Safe Ingredients

Our formula is composed of pharmaceutical-grade Special and infused with an organic base of USP-grade vegetable glycerin.

Our products DO NOT contain the following harmful ingredients:

  • Vitamin E Acetate Known to cause lipoid pnuemonia
  • Propylene Glycol Chronic exposure irritates pulmonary pathways
  • Diacetyl Known to cause "popcorn lung"
  • Nicotine Addictive substance in e-cigarettes

Recent Reviews

  • Vitamin B12 Super Fruit

    "Im a smoking survivor. I quit smoking a year ago and binge eating lots of food. Thanks to this wonder inhalers, it curbs my craving - not that what it does, but prevents me from gaining weight bec of my smoking withdrawal. Its like smoking without the harmful nicotine"

    - anna m.
  • Created with Sketch. Caffeine Sunburst Orange

    "This has been good for when I don't have time to get my caffeine in the morning. It prevents the caffeine withdrawal headaches I would then normally get. I haven't used this enough yet to experience all of the other benefits. It smells and tastes delicious! I'm excited to keep using it."

    - jenna s.
The Daily Boost 3-Pack Bundle has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 42 reviews.