Micro-Dosing with Caffeine

Micro-Dosing with Caffeine

The majority of adult Americans consume caffeine on a daily basis. The proverbial morning cup of coffee is a cultural staple. We’ve all heard it before, “I can’t function without my morning cup of coffee”.

The problem with high doses of caffeine as elaborated by Charles Czeisler, PhD Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School is that “caffeine levels soar only to fall as the day progresses in the face of rising sleepiness.” We would be better off taking much smaller, more frequent doses of caffeine as the day goes on.

Harvard Medical School. "Small, Frequent Doses Of Caffeine Best Strategy For Staying Awake, According To New Study." Science Daily, 12 May 2004.

RESEARCH: Read Dr. Charles Czeisler's research on caffeine dosing to stay awake

Czeisler, and his colleagues suggest taking frequent low doses of caffeine to stay alert. Smaller maintenance doses taken throughout the day protect against a crash, and support stable average levels within your system.

So what exactly is Caffeine Microdosing?

Caffeine microdosing is the practice of ingesting small amounts of caffeine throughout the day in order to maintain peak energy and focus, circumventing the possible negative side effects that may result from having too much caffeine in your system.

Caffeine is likely no stranger to you. But ask yourself, are you consuming caffeine in the most healthful and efficient way? Inhale Health Caffeine is a pocket friendly solution able to support a microdose of caffeine at a moment’s notice. Take a step into the future and join Inhale Health’s family of customers who use our wellness technologies to enhance their healthy lifestyles.

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