The Gift Of Wellness

Inspire healthier habits when you give the gift of wellness this holiday season.

Here's what's included:

  • 1x Caffeine Sunburst Orange
  • 1x Vitamin B12 Honey Oats
  • 1x Melatonin Lavender Dream
  • 1x Anti-Cigarette Innocent Mint
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B12 Flight

Find your favorite vitamin after trying all 3 Vitamin B12 inhalers.

Here's what's included:

  • 1x Vitamin B12 Strawberry Fields
  • 1x Vitamin B12 Honey Oats
  • 1x Vitamin B12 Super Fruit
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Sunrise To Sunset Bundle

Rise and shine with rapid-onset caffeine or sleep on demand with fast-acting melatonin.

Here's what's included:

  • 3x Caffeine Sunburst Orange
  • 3x Melatonin Lavender Dream
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Sunrise To Sunst Bundle
  • Rapid Uptake Inhalation is lab-tested to allow rapid uptake of micronutrients immediately into to the bloodstream.
  • Lab Verified Our lab verified technology transitions Vitamin B12 to an inhalable form for easy on-the-go use.
  • 300 Breaths Each device lasts for 300 breaths. No refilling or recharging.
Vitamin B12 Super Fruit
  • Zero Guilt Zero nicotine, zero tobacco, zero propylene glycol, zero calories.
  • Sourced In USA We proudly manufacture our formula in the USA using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and an organic vegetable base.
  • Vegan Friendly All products are vegan friendly and do not contain any animal byproducts or other harmful additives.

Recent Reviews

  • Vitamin B12 Super Fruit

    "Im a smoking survivor. I quit smoking a year ago and binge eating lots of food. Thanks to this wonder inhalers, it curbs my craving - not that what it does, but prevents me from gaining weight bec of my smoking withdrawal. Its like smoking without the harmful nicotine"

    - anna m.
  • Caffeine Sunburst Orange

    "This has been good for when I don't have time to get my caffeine in the morning. It prevents the caffeine withdrawal headaches I would then normally get. I haven't used this enough yet to experience all of the other benefits. It smells and tastes delicious! I'm excited to keep using it."

    - jenna s.

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