The Future of Inhaled Products

The Future of Inhaled Products

For the last five years our team at Inhale Health® has worked to develop wellness technologies that deliver beneficial active ingredients through inhalation. As we’ve been hard at work, we’ve watched the mainstream vapor product industry remain primarily fixated on nicotine. We’ve also watched the large tobacco firms of the world place a growing emphasis on “reduced risk” products.

The feedback and testimonials we’ve received from our now tens of thousands of customers around the world showcase the firm reality that Wellness Inhalation™ is here to stay.

As companies continue to develop new products and as technologies continue to evolve, we feel an importance to paint a clear picture of how we see the industry evolving. We want to empower consumers with a firm understanding of what separates our brand from the masses. We also hope to inspire the industry at large, and course correct the direction of inhaled products towards functional wellness applications.

Take a look at this infographic and note the following points:

Inhale Health Benefit Creation

The horizontal line across the bottom is what we are coining the “Harm Vs. Health Continuum". At the far left of the continuum you’ll find the traditional tobacco products we all know to be harmful. To the right of these, “Reduced Risk” products have been the hype in recent years. These products use lower levels of heat rather than combustion (burning) to deliver nicotine and lesser carcinogens. The midpoint of the continuum is the “Net 0 Health Effect”. This represents the point at which a product is not causing harm, but is also not imparting any benefit. Forthcoming years in the market will continue to see the progressive advancement of “Reduced Risk Products”.

Harm reduction is an important progression to migrate the world off the detrimental traditional tobacco products of yesteryear. The aim of reduced risk products over time will be to progressively work closer and closer to the midpoint of this continuum. The midpoint represents where the harm continuum stops; the right of the midpoint represents where the benefit continuum begins.

Rather than focus on harm reduction, Inhale Health® products focus on benefit creation. Products that fall on the benefit side of the continuum represent the exciting future potential of inhaled wellness applications. The current line of Inhale Health® products are the first of their kind. Our wellness inhalables represent the world’s first legitimate products to sit on the benefit side of the continuum.

Inhale Health® Melatonin for instance falls on the benefit side of the continuum as it delivers rapid-onset melatonin and has helped thousands of people across the world overcome insomnia and achieve balanced sleep cycles. So does Inhale Health® Vitamin B12 which has helped thousands of customers efficiently absorb Vitamin B12 where conventional forms of administration have failed them.

To cause a paradigm shift in the market, we must begin by causing a paradigm shift in awareness. To shed the negative stigma inhaled products carry, consumers must become aware that the health side of this continuum exists. Many people around the world have still yet to hear or conceive of Wellness Inhalation™. We owe it to ourselves, and to the generations that follow to continue to innovate and iterate the powerful delivery mechanism of inhalation in the direction of wellness. By doing so, we stand to positively affect public health at significant scale.

We invite you to share this message and spread awareness in support of our cause to redefine inhalation. We invite you to join our family of customers and experience the benefits our products have to offer first hand. Today is a good day to Inhale The Future®.

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