Age Policy

Our company Age Policy mandates that purchasers are eighteen years of age or older. Any sale of Inhale Health products to a legal minor constitutes a violation of our terms of sale. Inhale Health requires purchasers to complete a legal age certification statement as a requirement of our checkout process.

Inhale Health products do not contain nicotine or tobacco derivatives. Our products do not meet the definition of tobacco products and are not governed by tobacco product law. Despite this, we know inhaled products may be controversial to some parties. As such we have chosen to uphold a company policy that we only authorize the sale of our products to legal adults.

Inhale Health is actively committed to the reinvention of inhaled product technology. Our products have helped thousands of consumers give up the harmful effects of nicotine. We also facilitate meaningful health outcomes for consumers via our sleep aid, energy aid, and vitamin supplementation products.

Advancements in inhalation technology are progressive. We know first hand that inhaled products carry a lot of stigma. Although there is no direct law governing the sale of Inhale Health products based on age, we defer to a parent’s right to decide the nature of products consumed by minors within their care. It is for this reason that we exclusively support the sale of Inhale Health products to consumers eighteen years of age or older.

By agreeing to this age policy, you certify you are 18+ years of age. For questions about our age policy, please contact us.