4 Ways To Build New Habits

4 Ways To Build New Habits

Aristotle famously said “We are what we repeatedly do”. The choices we make dictate and define our reality. What fuels the choices we make each day? How many of them are conscious and how many run on auto-pilot? Personal development and improving our behavioural patterns are nearly always at the forefront of our intentions. How is it then, that we can achieve our goals and implement true and lasting changes in behavior?

The process of building new habits

Research illustrates that habits are linked to neural pathways in our brain. That old adage “people are creatures of habit” is very much the case. As we repeat actions, or respond to scenarios in a similar way, the corresponding neural pathway in our mind is reinforced. Over time our behavioral tendencies are ingrained. This is the reason that old habits are the hardest to break.

  1. Understand and acknowledge that it will take repetition to progressively ingrain a new behaviour.
  2. Commit to the process, with reassurance that upholding your new desired behaviour will become easier overtime as this new neural pathway is reinforced.
  3. Celebrate progress rather than perfection; don’t let a misstep derail consistent progress towards your goal.
  4. Clear goal setting with consistent repetition is the recipe for behavioural change.

Understanding this relationship between repetition and habit formation is key as we work to form new lasting behaviours.

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